2018-2019 St Patrick’s Shirt Order

Hello St. Pat’s Students, Staff & Fans;

This year we are happy to announce the new shirt design for all our St. Pat’s students, staff & loyal fans. This year all orders will be placed, by you, online at stpatstshirts.com. Please visit the website to check out the design. The site is currently open and will stay open till September 4th. All orders need to be placed before the deadline to ensure an on time production. Pickup will be the first of October, at the school. Options this year will be on white shirts & grey hooded sweatshirts. Paul Yanez will be printing our shirts and Joe Stringer has set up our webpage for us.

If you are unable to place your order online, need assistance in doing so or have any problems, please contact Megan Rexwinkle and she will be happy to assist you! We will be doing another production in the Spring, with the same design. So if you miss out this time around, I will be sending out info after the beginning of the year. Go Saints!!!





Enjoy the Parrish Formed Subscription