A Convenient Way to Make Your Church Contributions

St. Patrick Church offers an automated method for your church contributions.  This is through the ACH (Automated Clearing House) process. The ACH process works like this: the amount you designate is electronically withdrawn from your account and credited to St. Patrick's.

The church will not have access to your bank account. Your contributions are confidential.

All you will need to do is fill out the authorization form, attach a void check, and turn it in to the parish office. You will select a set amount which will be deposited to the church account on a schedule of your choice. Many options are available. You may participate in this process regardless of where you bank. You will gain the convenience of not filling out a check or looking for cash at the last minute. Contributions continue as planned even if you are out of town. The contributions are tax-deductible. There is no fee for this service.

You will receive credit for all contributions. If you wish to change the amount, simply fill out another form. If you wish to cancel the authorization, you may fill out a cancellation form giving a few days advance notice.

This automated giving is intended for your regular weekly/monthly tithing. You may continue to give by check or cash for other collections such as Christmas or Easter.

Forms are available in the church office and here: pdf ACH Contribution Form (28 KB) .

Please call Carilyn in the church office if you have any questions.

We encourage everyone to consider this way of giving.


This is fundraising while you shop! This amazingly successful fundraising program works for any school, church, team, club or other non-profit! Scrip turns everyday shopping into cash for your organization when families use retail gift cards to pay for everyday purchases (like gas and groceries) instead of the usual credit/debit card or other money. There are many local and nationwide businesses that participate in the Scrip program.

Simply put, Scrip is substitute cash for purchases you were planning on making. You are not buying anything unwanted or unnecessary. Our schools purchase Scrip cards at a discount, and then sell them at face value. The difference (the rebate) is partially profit for the school and a benefit to the purchaser. Each school within our cluster distributes this profit differently. Please visit your school’s Scrip page to find out how you can benefit from using Scrip.

Contact Kristen, 421-0710

​Planned Giving​

There are many forms of estate planning, such as memorials, that are wonderful ways to insure that you and your family leave a lasting legacy in your parishes and/or schools. There are a variety of options to give in this way. Please be sure to contact your parish or school office to discuss the different ways, such as:

  • Memorials - Memorial donations are simple ways to designate funds in remembrance of a loved one.
  • Bequests - A designated percentage or specific amount bequested in one's will.
  • Individual Retirement Account Beneficiary - A designated percentage of one's Death Benefit proceeds from a retirement account.
  • Life Insurance Beneficiary - A designated percentage of one's Death Benefit proceeds from a life insurance policy.
  • Charitable Life Insurance - A life insurance policy in which the individual is named the insured and the charity is the owner and beneficiary.
  • Charitable Gift Annuity - An irrevocable transfer of money, securities, or property in exchange for a contract to pay the donor an annuity payout for life.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust - A trust which provides annual payments to the owner and/or other beneficiaries and the remainder is used by charity.